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The Doom That Came to Button Mash

Bradford’s favourite gaming extravaganza returns in a loving, though somewhat unsettling, tribute to H.P. Lovecraft

If you are strong enough to resist being consumed by madness, you might partake of our cavalcade of games consoles both new and old which we’ll be bringing to Bradford’s Glyde House. Indulge in the nostalgia of aeons past or be seduced by the latest the world of gaming has to offer.

It has been foretold in the stars that our classic Mash-Up tournament will return as a team of Investigators will set forth to uncover the cultists among us who would bring doom upon us all.

The ever popular Video Gaming Quiz is back once more, though take care, lest the Great Old Ones cloud your judgement. For those who prove themselves wisest, there are fabulous prizes to be won! Make sure you know your elder signs and your outer gods for we’ll be testing your knowledge of arcane literature.

The voices have instructed us to bring our ever-expanding selection of the finest in board, dice, and card games for you to get to grips with. Whether you partake of the dark humour of Cards Against Humanity or the classic empire-building of Catan, you’ll find something to accommodate. You are as always invited to bring your own games, too!

Cosplay is always encouraged at Button Mash, as long as you aren’t secretly a cultist intent on infiltrating our ranks. Otherwise, you’re welcome to come as whoever you want. There will be a prize for the best costume!

This crawling chaos will be happening at Glyde House (Located between The Alhambra Theatre and the Bradford Ice Rink) on Saturday June 9th from 3pm ‘til late. Tickets are £4 on the door, not available in advance. This event is open to everyone. Drinks and snacks will be available from The Glyde House bar.