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Sorry. Mario. Your princess is in another castle. You could keep searching castles all day long. It will a lot more fun to go to Button Mash X instead.

Button Mash returns on everyones favourite day of the year – Valentines Day! On Saturday 14th February we’ll be returning once again to The New Bradford Playhouse to bring you the gaming celebration of the new year!

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We’ll be bringing our usual cavalcade of TVs and consoles new and old so you can indulge in the nostalgia of your classic favourites or enjoy the latest and greatest.


Rock Band, always a star attraction, has levelled up! We’ll be moving Rock Band upstairs to the auditorium so you can play in front of a huge crowd for a totally authentic superstar experience.

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What’s this? The Mash-Up Tournament is Evolving! Instead of pitting you against each other in silly games for our entertainment, this time you’ll be joining forces together to overcome incredible odds. Such is the power of the Mashtronauts Combined!


If tabletop is more your thing we’ll have a selection of the finest in board, dice, and card games for you to get to grips with. You are of course invited to bring your own, too!


Cosplay is, as always, highly encouraged. Feel free to give it some romantic flair, as long as you keep the public displays of affection to a minimum. Show us your creative side! Come down dressed as your favourite character and there will be a prize for the best costume!


So how much are we asking for this gaming experience? Whatever you want! You’ll be able to pay-what-you-want for entry on the door, but we’ll have bonus mini games for awesome prizes for people who beat the average price. Doors open at 3PM and we’ll be lasting until late that evening.

[Couples are totally welcome to join us, if you’re crazy enough to want to spend your romantic holiday playing games with us.] 


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