Button Mash Gathering on 24/09/16

Button Mash Gathering

Button Mash Gathering on 24/09/16

Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Then you need to come on down to Button Mash!

Pokémon fever has gripped the world, and we’re no exception, so our next event is going to be Pokémon themed! Don your cap, and assemble your best team as you try to catch them all.

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It’s not all Pokémon though, and as is tradition, we’ll be bringing our usual cavalcade of TVs and consoles new and old so you can indulge in the nostalgia of your classic favourites or enjoy the latest in the world of gaming.


Crowd favourite Rock Band 4 will be back on a real stage so you can experience all the glamour of being a real rock star without the pesky trouble of learning a real instrument. It’s what karaoke should always have been!


The video gaming quiz, our hot new new fan favourite, is back for round three so sharpen your wits as we delve into even more archives of obscure gaming trivia with an obligatory Pokémon round.

The Mash Up Tournament_000002+

The Mash-Up tournament returns in all its splendor once again, and this time our intrepid Mashtronauts will be setting sail for the Orange Islands to claim prestigious gym badges.


If Ttbletop is more your thing we’ll have our ever-expanding selection of the finest in board, dice, and card games for you to get to grips with. You are as always invited to bring your own, too!ion of the finest in board, dice, and card games for you to get to grips with. You are of course invited to bring your own, too!


We always love seeing what creative cosplays people can come up with, and we’d be super disappointed not to see a few Pokémon and trainers this time around, but of course you’re welcome to come as whoever you want. There will be a prize for the best costume!


For the avid Pokémon Go players (that’s most of you, right?) there’s three pokéstops within reach of the building and we’ll be running lures on them all day so you can keep catching ‘em while you enjoy the event.

This one-of-a-kind Poképarty will be at The Bradford Playhouse on September 24th from 3pm til late. Tickets are £4 on the door, not available in advance. This event is open to everyone. Drinks and snacks will be available from The Bradford Playhouse bar.


Are you a Button Mash regular? Don’t forget your loyalty card and continue earning your Button Mash gamerscore points.


Button Mash Pokemon Gathering in Bradford


Button Mash Pokemon Gathering in Bradford

Event Address – The New Bradford Playhouse

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